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edit My Page

This article contains material that may cause you to start screaming.

You <insert name here> Are French, Therefore You SUCK. You also consume meat and listen to Miley Cyrus whilst fucking fictional Emos on Myspace. Thank you very much <insert name here> for getting your pathetic French person germs all over my page, Now you owe me an apology Damnit. You SUCK, for being French, A meat-eating Bitch Fucker, For being French, and for Fucking all those 34 year old fictional emos on myspace who are a bunch of French Fuckers themselves.

This user is a girl and is made of sugar, spice and everything nice.

$$$ This user is a libertarian, so he or she is too much stoned to hear you complain, fundie!


This user is a malevolent laughable salad fork that likes to bake while spine-chilling macabre sacrifices tear his option.
Stop hand The content of this article has been classified by the FCC as OMGWTF.
Please stop reading or risk SEHS.

FUCK the French

[[Image:{{{image}}}|32px]] Blame it on France
We know those Bitchy Fuckers are somehow connected to this.
Spork This page was originally sporked from Ms.Floyd.
British flag This user is a total UKer
and knows how to spell.
(British Uncyclopedians)
Stop hand FBI WARNING:
For the High Glory of the English Reich, The Ms.EmmelineFloyd is monitoring this webpage. If you are here, they're already coming to get you, you sick French Person !

TgC_comic402.gif shineonyoucrazydiamond.jpg ebba4eb98f27ad54ab5794399c1c8c81_we.jpg ENGLANDPRIDE.jpg

This article is excessively emo. If you suddenly feel like cutting yourself, putting hair over one eye, or wearing only black; you may spontaneously become emo.
Nuvola apps important yellow DANGER

Blanking or otherwise vandalising this page can be dangerous.
{{{1}}} users are currently banned after defacing this page.
If you just got here and are mortally offended by these blatant lies,
please read About Uncyclopedia, the Beginner's Guide,
and How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid

{{Pig}} pig.jpg

edit What people say about Emmeline

“She Rocks”
~ Syd Barrett on Ms. Floyd
“Take That Fuckers!”
~ Ms. Floyd on Revenge
“Fuck Her”
~ God on Ms. Floyd
“I love Her”
~ Syd Barrett on Ms. Floyd
“Those Fuckers Must DIE!!”
~ Ms. Floyd on The French
“My hero”
~ <insert name here> on Ms. Floyd

edit What Emmeline says about Emmeline

Thy Name Is Emmeline "Pink" Floyd. You Suck, I rock. Any Questions? I hope not because you bore me. Noow Since I'm Super Fabulous, Let's Talk about my family. I'm Purley English. Any of you idiots have something to say about it? NO? Okay then

I'm a Pink Floyd fan. Which Is ironic since My Surname is Floyd, So I call My Self Pink Floyd

I enjoy Tofu. Mostly Because YOU Are a bitch for being a french meat-eater ebba4eb98f27ad54ab5794399c1c8c81_we.jpg VEGANS ROCKS vegan.jpg You, on the other hand, SUCK for being French Yeah You're French And You suck for it square-med-french.gif french.jpg thefrenchsuck.jpg peace-love-single.gif protein1.gif Fuck YOU French Person VEGAN.gif

This Is you <insert name here>, the French person FAT.jpg

The French can Kiss My ass. They Suck. The English Rock 90692b79.gif Hate.jpg peace.jpg m_f9b937adf2512e94bac80aad3e08d1db.jpg rock_sign.gif

Take That Fuckers.

edit Opinions On various Things

  • Syd Barrett is awesome, he is god and his a inspiration to us all
  • <insert name here> is French
  • Pigs are awesome

edit Syd Barrett ROCKS

syd-3.jpg syd_71n.jpg syd.jpg

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