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This one I recently learned writing here. I didn't start out writing for recognition. Then I received recognition, and like a crack whore I quickly became addicted to it. I found myself writing articles at a frenzied nature and self-nomming them just so I could see my articles go of VFH. Because of failures in other aspects of my life, I relied on my uncyc articles to keep me going, to prove to myself that I have talent and am worth a shit.

Really, that's a bad idea. It took perspective from some other users to help me see that.

You see, it's good to want to write good, funny, VFHish articles. It's bad to try be all perfectionist about it and earn spotlight and glory. As I sunk more work into a few obnoxious "Oh it's gotta be good for VFH" type articles, filling Pee Review, and overflowing VFH, I began to write like a professional. That is to say, I stopped enjoying myself as much and tried to follow my own self-imposed deadlines.

edit Writing humor isn't as fun when you don't enjoy yourself

I finally decided to step back, and write on my terms and when I'm in a silly state of mind. I'm not saying mood, but I will say there's certain times, when, if you don't try to hard, relax and just enjoy yourself, you can crank out tons of beautiful work without having to be even forceful with yourself. There's only one thing you need remember, and I learned it from a Buddhist.

edit A bird in the hand is not yours

If you are out in nature, and you hold your hand very very still, a bird may come to land on it. If it does, enjoy it for the gift it is, but know that the bird may fly away at any moment. What happens when it does? Well, you can let it go and hope it returns to you, or you can try to catch the bird as it tries to fly away, accidentally crushing it in the process. The bird is gone now. It may come back, but if you crush it, it certainly won't come back.

Writing articles is the same way. Recognition is like the bird. If it smiles on you, accept it with grace. If it leaves you, don't go panic and chase after it like a whipped boy-man. The same applies to creativity and basically everything. Everything you have, all your thoughts and qualities are not yours. They do not define yourself. You go deeper.

edit Three mark of existence-something else I learned from a Buddhist

The world has three traits. It is:

1)Impermanent 2)unsatisfactory 3)Not you

I have heard people express concern over not wanting this place to change, to become like ED or anything else, etc. This site, like everything else on the web is impermanent. Tomorrow, the whole site could shut down, or turn into ED, and all efforts and fears to prevent it would be fruitless. Things change, but there will always be some good change too.

No matter how many articles you write, how big and important you become on uncylopedia, it won't be enough and there will always be somebody greater in your mind. If there isn't, then you're probably bored.

Uncyclopedia does not define you. Your articles do not define you. You are greater than them.

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