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And if anyone ever asks me what the one piece of knowledge a satirist should have, it's this: [1]

or alternatively, this

edit About that little thing we call satire

If your plan is for your audience to "get" your jokes, forget about that now. It's a pure crap-shoot whether or not someone will get the joke or not. Trolls have had a similar fun, where the person who is in on the joke and "gets" it gets to enjoy himself, while the poor guy who doesn't get it is the butt monkey. It's been this way since Shakespeare, but only the internet (the magical machine of relativity) is capable of making this the case 100 percent of the time. If I told you the "Why did the chicken cross the road" joke in person, regardless of how funny/unfunny it was, you would probably be able to have an idea of my tone. Was I being "cheesy/self-deprecating", or did I seriously not know that everybody's heard that one before?

On the internet, short of a big, winking smiley, there's no way to tell my tone. You pretty much have to guess. This is where Poe's Law comes into play. Basically, if I write something absurd, it is impossible to tell if I honestly believe that, or if I'm joking/parodying something. Is the Timecube guy for real? Was John Titor for real? Is Jack Chick Trolling, and does Fred Phelps really believe all the hateful crap he keeps spewing? It's so absurd that it's just not possible.

Your parody article is born with a curse. People will think it's serious. Even on a parody site like this. If you write something radical ironically, people will hate you because they think you're radical. Finally, what this means is that the most popular humor is doomed to be the most uncontroversial. That's why when you Google "funny stuff", you get lame, because lame isn't controversial. The decision is yours. You want to be popular? Formulaic comedy is for you. You want to be hilarious? Go annoy some clueless people. Unless you push it too far of course. Don't want to do that. How far is too far? Fuck, I dunno.

edit Godwin's law

This is just a fun thing. Are you in an argument? If so, has anybody mentioned Hitler yet? If so, your argument just jumped the shark. Right Fonz? "Ehhhhhhhh"

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