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Yes. Yes you are.

Right now, you may not be aware of it, but you are a living breathing part of a new generation, unless of course you're old, in which case, tough break. Right now, all around you, a new generation of people is rising up, kind of like the Pepsi generation, or generation X, but cooler, more spiritual, more psychic, more unique. I speak of a generation of Indigo Children, and a few Indigo Adults, people who will lead the way, and pave a path to a newer ascension in our lives. Does that sound cool or what? You bet it does!

But how do you tell if you are actually a part of this new movement, this new awakening? Well on any normal terms it wouldn't be easy. Fortunately for you, I too am an Indigo and with my altered star-man DNA, I possess the ability to magically detect my own kind. All you have to do is just take this little survey first.

edit Common signs that you or your child may be an Indigo

  1. 1 You like the color indigo
  2. 2

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