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I found a picture!

Hey EVERYBODY look(s) at me! I"M A NOOB, lol, and I is writeses an articles!

Why I'm a noob

I'm a noob because I knew to uncyclopedia and that makes me retarded.

What does being new have to do with being retarded?


Didn't you use to be kind of funny?

Not that I recall.

Check out this redlink!

I clicked on it five times before I gigured out what was going on.

I hope against the hope gods that I win first prizes!


Cubic Creation of 4 corner

separate simultaneous 24 hour Days within 1 Earth rotation - transcends and contradicts the 1 Day rotation/1 God Creation of Christianity - and all ONEism / Singularity religions - proving them to constitute Evil on Earth for the parallel Opposites. Hey - got a death threat from Temporal Phoenix last night, saying that the big ole boys that make the world go round, are going to wipe me off the Earth. They can't allow the Time Cube Principle to continue. Opposites Create, not God, who equates queer creator and masturbation creation of Evil Oneness Educators. Oneism equates to evil lie, and Death for Opposites of Hemispheres and Sexes. Wikipedia claim that the Time Cube is non-science constitutes a Grave error by the half-brain bastard who can't think opposite of the lies he was taught. I was born to think Cubic as in a 4 corner family life, therefore I rise above you. You are educated Stupid, You are educated Evil --- You will ignore message & attack the messenger. Man invented his God in man's character - Stupid Oneism and Singularity in Universe of Opposites. You worship an evil god who allows babies to starve to death while you gorge? God BELIEF succumbs to The Cubic Law of Nature. Opposite sex organs prove male & female to be binary opposites equal zero value, and nothing as unified one. You are educated ENTITY STUPID for all Creation is composed of Opposites ---- which equate to Zero value existence - and cancels out to nothing if unified as one. Before Word was invented, no God existed upon Earth. Truth cannot be uttered so that's why I am writing it. CUBIC TIME CUBES Earth, Life, and Truth --- contradicts 1 Day Gods,

 and ineffable by human.

Nature enforces a LAW against God existence. No god equals 4 corner simultaneous days in a single rotation of Earth. No god equals 4 corner stages of metamorphic rotating humanity - as a baby, child, parent and grandparent evolution.

Cubic Creation Wisdom
empowers me above all
 the 1 day gods on Earth.
 Jew owners of religious/
academic christianity --
 have enslaved your ass,

and you are too stupid

to know you are a slave

to plunder profiteers of Earth's Cubic Nature.

 What queer mentality you

have --- to worship an old dead Jew as God/Creator. NO God creates himself -- and besides that, he is also composed of opposites that contradicts entity creation. No God can even exist in our Universe of Opposites. Opposites transcend Entity. Entity equals cancellation --- the death of Opposites.

 Evil Educated "Singularity"

Stupid - ignores the Cubic Wisdom of Wisest Human and The Greatest Thinker. No human or god can match Nature's simultaneous 4 day rotation in 1 Earth rotation. No human has a right to believe wrong - for that would be evil thinking. Ignorance of 4 days is evil, Evil educators teach 1 day. 1 day will destroy humans. OPPOSITES CREATE. Mother and father gave me birth, not a queer jew god. Singularity god is EVIL as Creation reigns as Opposite. Educators, and You - ought to be killed for ignoring the fact that "Earth is Cubed". (ignored and suppressed by EVIL educators) NASA's Moon Landing was far less of an achievement than Time Cube discovery, for I have Cubed the Earth, with 4 simultaneous corner days in 1 rotation of Earth. (singularity belief scientist can't comprehend T.O.E.) God SINGULARITY and the academic taught singularity constitute great evils in the Cubic World of Opposites - Opposites hemispheres and Opposite sexes of humanity. The Universe is composed of Opposites - existing only as Opposites - with a zero value existence - cancelling to nothing as a singularity. I think Cubic, therefore I rise above the singularity mentality human and the false gods they worship - discovering a Universe of Opposites their education will never allow them to know. Evil of believing is not measuring and the result of not measuring - is never knowing Truth, ineffable by man or god.



I herd that this is how Setev Earwin Brett Hearth died.

Andy Kaufman would dig it.

Carrot Top would dig it.

Dig Dug would dig it.

The Smacks Frog would dig it.

A dickless hipster would dig it.

Do you dig it?

Not your best work

Humour: 2 I like Andy Kaufman. Thats why you get 2 points, and THAT'S ALL. I was tempted to take away more points because of that long diatribe about Scientology or whatever the shit that was. The mispellings were kind of funny.
Concept: 1 The concept is...what here? You being a retard noob? Okay, we get it. Stop beating a dead horse with wet sock. Jeebus, man. What, am I supposed to applaud the pitiful way in which you lack any ability to write a coherent article at all? Real good dude, real good. Go back to beating off in your own mouth or something.
Prose and formatting: 2 I gave you pity points because you managed to spell some things right. This is just pathetic.
Images: 10 I liked the pictures, A LOT. So I gave you extra points. But I still hate you.
Miscellaneous: 0 Scored by my gut feeling, and my gut says you suck.
Final Score: 15 So to sum up, I hope you try to eat a cobra and it bites you in the eyes and while slowly dieing from the poison you drop into a well and die simultaneously from poison and drowning, only to come back in the afterlife and learn that people who die that way are laughed at by all the undead through eternity. You fucking cunt.
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