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I started off on Uncyclopedia with an honest attempt at humor. Then I read HTBFANJS and was struck by a lightning bolt. I emerged as Mrpastry909, the funniest man alive (probably due more to HTBFANJS than the lightning bolt, since lightning bolts kill people and have no sense of humor.)

My humor's a bit dry, because I think it's really hard to bullshit a good joke. Parody is not for every reader; it's only really funny to those who know about the original. If I were to read something on the Lord of the Rings or The Hurt Locker, even a great parody would not be funny to me because I know jack shit about them.

Before I write or clean up articles, I do some actual research first. My first real attempt was Six Day War: The Video Game, which I never bothered to finish and was told by a moderator it was a bit too factual. Now I'm working on some YouTube Poop articles, such as King Harkinian, (which I did not write) Wand of Gamelon (which I re-wrote and took for myself) and Faces of Evil (which I created).

There's a fine line between stretching the truth and making shit up. In my articles, I may bend the truth, but I always try to stay as close to it as possible. When I can't, I make it plausible. I think twisting the truth to be funny is like twisting a pop tab: you can only do it so much until it snaps off. Crappy analogy, but hopefully you see where I'm coming from.

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