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Stand on Papa Whomp

A whomp: Mario standing on top, annoying it as usual by urinating down it's face.

Whomps (whompus Pompus) were a closely related, untamed version of the common cement-block (Cementus pompus). This early form of cement-block was largely hunted to extinction in the late 1800's by Italian plumbers and used as bathroom tiling in Italian resturants. Until lately, the species and genera of Whomps were thought to be extinct, however Super Mario managed to locate a small colony, possibly the last remaining colony on Thwomp's fortress; a floating block of cement in the middle of the sky. Upon arriving there he exterminated the population by smashing their backs for gold coins, clever Mario.

Brothers; Mario and Luigi first claimed their discovery of the whomps in an exploration made in 1821 after searching Peach's castle. The close relative of Whomp; Thwomp was well known at this time thriving near castles.

edit Predation

Contrary to popular belief Whomps favourite food was not baked beans. Whomps main prey were builders, architects and people eating baked bean sandwiches on Thursdays with yellow hard-hats on. It only hunts on Thursdays as all other days are 'pizza' days. Like a venus fly trap the whomp hunts passively. It looks disimilar to a large wall-like cement-block. An architect may inspect the block for any discrepencys, measuring it's latitude and longitude and then measuring it's depth and width and finally measuring how useful it will be in making a bridge. The whomp will then fall down crushing the architect and, with it's mouth, will slowly devour the architect.

The main give-away in identifing a Whomp is it's giant face imprinted on the front of the tile often stained with Mario's urine.

edit Evolution

Whomps are a direct relative of the earler Thwomp. Thwomps, although mobile did not have the ability to move away from castles and thus the spread of Thwomp population was not good enough to sustain them. Thwomps camoflauge was also a direct reason why Whomps began to emerge, although looking similar to blocks of rock the fact that they appeared in rather precarious places like above certain door ways and near lava rivers was a give away. Their angry face and constant movement were also benefactors of their demise.


Thwomp: close relative to Whomps, hunted to extinction in the late 1800's (circa 1864)

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