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Mr Year 2123 has come from the future, bringing much needed knowledge of all things nifty, fun, and humorous. He shall bring a reign of almighty humor to the world of the Uncyclopedia. Embrace him as your new companion in the world of twisted raunchy humor that only people from the future can provide!

edit Origin

Mr. Year 2123 is also known as Sir Roboto Royal. He is a legendary knight from the land Soviet Kentuckistan. As probably known by all those reading this page, Mr. Year 2123 is in fact from the year 1993 where the world has collapsed due to the overpowering of moldy cheese and their war against the emoes. Not only that, Mr. Year 2123 has survived the Pirate Ninja War. As seen in the image above, Mr. Year 2123 does like his red tie, which he wears often. In fact, he has struck an alliance in 2011 with Pirate Ninja Jesus so that he could be the most awesome disciple that he could be.

edit Quotes

“Year? What year? What is a year? What are you talking about? Who are you?”
~ Mr. Year 2123 on what a year is.
“Who? Did what? To who? In where? . . . And HOW!?”
~ Mr. Year 2123 on not understanding.
“Woah.. I can like.. see with my ears!”
~ Mr. Year 2123 on LSD.
“Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard!”
~ Mr. Year 2123 on education.
“I'm in your internets, stealing your bandwidths.”
~ Mr. Kittie on things cats do.
“I'm in your computers, stealing your gigahertz.”
~ Mr. Kittie on things cats do.
“I'm in your World of Warcrafts, shanking you from behind.”
~ Mr. Kittie on things cats do.
“I'm in your head, reading your thoughts.”
~ Mr. Kittie on things cats do.
“I'm in your countries, searching for nukes.”
~ Mr. Kittie on things cats do.
“I'm in your headphones, listening to your music.”
~ Mr. Kittie on things cats do.
“I'm in your bunker, learning your secrets”
~ Mr. Kittie on things cats do.

edit Seriousness?

Oh yes, the last paragraph was slightly serious.. maybe only slightly. It's difficult to tell as things in the future are slightly different than today's standards. Humor changes, maybe. So we might maybe just want to sorta kinda almost not quite adapt to this previous era.

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