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edit My Autobiography

“Biography lends to death a new terror.”
~ Oscar Wilde on My Autobiography
“Panzer, Loaden ze Gunz!”
~ Nick Griffin on Immigration

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

In the beginning, there were two of me, i was subjected to an infinitely common form of schitzophrenia wherby i suffered from gender dysmorphia at the same time. I had a complete contrast in personalities where i saw myself as both obese and anorexic simuteniously however I remained ignorant to the fact until the faitful day when i came face to face with myself and from then on we became one single entity of completion filling the empty space that i had felt since my creation, a surge of pleasure as we mated and became one; the spark that was lit inside this previously inhospitable chamber of death where i saw my comrades fall to their deaths in all manner of barbaric and inhumane ways until there was only me and the hooly grail was mine. Here I am. Two halves make a whole. Two peas in a pod. Two bears in a taxi.

The experience stimulated every part of my body at the same time and i felt a surge of heat and chemistry between me and myself but, to my horror, i had a hyper-relapse of schitzophrenia and i became two again but it didn't stop, my new found size gave me two much energy to contain and thus a fission reaction began. Two became four and four became eight, and the process carried on for what seemed to me to be a millenia.

I was trapped. The overwhelming population caused me almost to be crushed under the mighty weight of millions of me, but then to my disbelief, my doubles started to change beyond recognition, some into bulging monsters of implausable appearance. My long time friends now became amnesiacs and felt a rush of fear as an electric storm appeared from the silent nothingness i knew for so long. It streamed through each and every one of me, all of the mutants started moving irratically whilst the elecric storm grew more intense though i felt a sudden feeling of euphoria as i was sticken by a bold of thunder on a gargantuan scale leaving me shaking uncontrolably.

Then I awoke from a tense period of near death to the sound of drums beating like a tribal ceremony alerting me to my impending doom as i will be sacrificed to a deity of destruction and good fortune, but then, through the midst of chaos and mutation, i saw it. There was a huge structure responsible for the beating of the drums and it was the heart of everything; it was too [precise with its' rythm to be alive so i concluded that it was machine, a work of tribal enginuity to signify their overwhelming power over this world o f destruction and hostility i found myself in.

It was strange, i felt a surge of electricity pass through my body and then i could feel everything and i knew now that the disorder that had plagued me for so long had been cured, we all became one, we linked arms and decided to put all of our differences behind us and celebrate, but then, my eyes became heavy, i began to sleep.

Chapter 2: the Rebirth

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