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EMC's Dr. N. Toleránt's Informative Letter: An Informative Letter
Got a snigger from the opening letter, and the first paragraph set the tone very well. I wanted to keep reading. Bit disappointed with "Little people" it was OK, but did not get another laugh out of me. I fancy editing this a bit myself, and might do so when the comp is over. Fatassess was better, and I got a proper giggle when I read "It is recognized that fatassness is a disease, like AIDS, but is a choice, like being a homosexual, and is not a genetic deformity, like blackness or dwarfism." though I think there is a typo there? Getting a bit ranty later on in the Therapy section and you repeat the gay joke again... The FREUD bit is good. I would delete the "During the anal stage of his development..." line.

It's quality stuff. I think it could do with a few of the more tame lines removed, and if they were I think it would do well on VFH. My "criticism" is that it's maybe not really that offensive. Well not to me anyway, but I guess it is to others. Obviously I'm a sick, sick man...

User:RabbiTechno/UnNews:Solvent Abuse Amongst Jewish Teens Increases
Interesting idea. I found it "clever" rather than being funny. It's probably very offensive to Jews, but as I'm not, it did not really stir me. I smiled at a few lines, but did not manage a giggle. It will obviously be an awesome addition UnNews when the comp is over. It sure is a gas, gas, gas and Jumping jack flash might like it more than I did.

User:So So/UnNews:Used panties vendors in Japan accused of ingenuine product
The opening I found a bit lame, but when I got to the "The scent of the last few I’ve purchased have been vastly inferior. I can only suspect intentional doctoring at hand." line I became more interested. The rest of the article was fun to read, but it really just dragged out the same line without adding much. Quality stuff. Very dry, and I would have been proud to have written this myself.

User:Prettiestpretty/Short bus
Interesting. Nice way of writing a "sick" style article. It works well. I think it's the author who is the sicko! You sicko you! That said, I did not laugh reading it. It's right on the button for the style required for the comp, but as no giggles were received I had to mark ya down a bit.

User:DrStrange/Gay Jesus
WoW. Some serious effort gone into this one. Your formatting is impressive. I got my first snigger when I got to the first Angry Jesus pic. I got my next giggle when I got to the next Angry Jesus line. ;) Some of the other text was a bit of a drag to read, but I guess it's necessary to set-up the punchlines... I'm not sure about the you-tube vid. I'm not normally a fan of embedded videos, but I will forgive this one... I watched it, and after doing so, scrolled down. The way you formatted it makes the timing perfect. I actually properly laughed out loud after looking at the final pic. Some people may not like this article as it makes heavy use of images, I'm usually not a fan of things like this as I tend to prefer the encyclopaedic style. All is forgiven though. It made me laugh.

User:Dogshead/Peter Sutcliffe
I liked the opening paragraph. Nice idea. A bit wordy in places, but still good. Got a smile out of me. You have certainly succeeded in getting the bad taste thing going. ;) "When questioned, he claimed disguising his original numberplate, was a variation on his human disappearing act, and was now trying to make his car invisible, but he needed more time to perfect the illusion." made me chuckle. The rest is well written, and is suitability dry to work very well. I enjoyed it.

You sick fuck! I congratulate you sir. There is bad taste and then there is the taste of dead baby syrup being gargled in the back of your throat. If I was scoring purely not how well each article managed to be offensive this would win. Unfortunately I did not really giggle while reading it. I liked the Public opinion section and the line "Many churches and other Christian organizations have come out in support of the procedure, citing its merit as an opportunity to engage in constructive fellowship with one's friends, as long as it keeps them from committing adultery." got a smile from me, but other than that I did not really laugh. Sorry dude.

User:15Mickey20/HowTo:Hunt down paedophiles and cut their balls off Hmm. Well, twas not really that offensive! I guess the subject matter itself may be to some... It was an enjoyable read, but the only giggle I got was the punch line. I was kinda expecting it, but still it did get an actual giggle out of me. Tis obviously a quality article, but the quality is so high in this comp I felt that this one should be towards the lower end of my results. Good stuff (obviously) though...

User:Mrmonkey72/UnNews:Local Racist Makes Plans To Quietly Mutter "Nigger" Under His Breath During All Of Barack Obama's Speeches Nice idea, and a few sniggers were had here and there. Not sure it's really offensive other than to poor old mr Kuhlmeier. It is funny and it will make a very good UnNews. The competition is fierce for the TDB so I'm struggling to figure out where to put you. Although it's funny it does not really strike me as being particularly offensive to anyone, so I have scored ya down a little for that... Quality stuff. Get it in the UnNews template!

edit Results

Well, I'm not sure how I'm meant to score or whatever here, so I have just listed them in the order I think they should be...

My apologies to those articles which I put towards the bottom of my list. Twas very tricky judging this as the standard was so high. A special note goes to Prettiestpretty, I think your article was very, very good and I'm sure a lot of people will love it.

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