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Note, it is the intension of this article to flagrently take the piss out of Overview History


Must have either been percecuted for a signicant period of time over the course of history number of people throught history or at least be on the eceiving end of a lage scale atrosity which has been the subject of recieved a significantly insulted

For example the attempt by NASSA to join after the explosion of the space shuttle which sparked a minor (short term) outbreak of albeiet funny one-liners or the death of princess Diana, Humor relating to these people was short lived, and generally about 1 specific incodent. Although the funnyist thing about the jews, is obviously that they are so toutchy about the halocaust they can show a clear track record dating from Mosis, through shakespeare back to Groups:

Gays,The bitchs,Niggers,Fat people,bald people,ugly people,short people

Wankers Men,

The Cunts

Captain Gemain Greare Nickname Women, tarts,whores,slags,feminists

Notible events which pissed them off Specialist sensitve areas Why are there not more notes females record in history? The exsistance of men, the fact that few women are ever any good at things

--- British Limies,poms,lizards,

Team America The yanks,

Notible events which pissed em off 911 Death of JFK

Team Gay Captain Oscer Whilde

Nicknames The Fags,The Benders,The poofs,Queers

Chosen sensitive subjects Their part in the evolutionary process The gay geen


Team Nigger

Nicknames Coons, Spades, Captian Martin Luther King

Team Paki Rag heads, Sand bunnies, Terrirists

Captain Asoma bin ladden

Vice captain

Team Pikey Paddys,murphies,Jippos,dids (formerly the bommers) Noteable events which pissed them off The potato blite Their mum

Captain Martin McGinnis

Team Jew Noteable Chosen sensitive subjects: The Ejyptions enslaving em The Holicaust

Jews, Mick Jagger - It's a "gas, gas, gas"

From the dawn of time time when God first ribbed Adam...


Taking ownership of their word.

Sensitivity to insults How much the groups gets offended by jokes about their sensitve subjects

How sensitive each group is about particular issues

"Backgroung" run of the mill insults

How is the result decided? Removing an obviously funny line from this page - 1 point Having a new joke added +1 point

Unknown vandal

Well... This page will be minitored by the gods of the Uncylopedia, who will trawle the pages for vandalism.

Removing a joke about a particular groupe, e.g. a Jew removing some of the holocaust jokes. If it's funny it will (ofcourse be added back again) No Sock puppitry

No cheating now! Any Paki caught removing stuff about the halacaust will be reported to an admin and banned from Uncyc.

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