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Wade Duck (1956-2005) has been the most cowardly duck ever to be on television and anything else. How did he overcome his fear and all that...? Well, anxiety pills.


Wade was born in Gastonia, North Carolina (the same city where Fred Durst was born) to a family of six. He was supposed to be born in 1950, but like his friend Sheldon, he stayed in an egg for six years. It wouldn't be until his father (who wears a wig like his owner Rev. Ernest P. Worrel) threw the wig on the egg and Wade was born...wearing an inner tube!

Early Life

Wade would try to fly and swim like his other brothers and sisters, but at that time they flew south for the winter and his father tried to teach him everything like swimming in a wading pool which Wade nearly drowns and flying where Wade would fall by just a jump. He lived with his dad until 1985 when his dad made him audition for a comic made by Jim Davis called U.S. Acres.

U.S. Acres

Wade found fame in the comics with his pantaphobia...which is the fear of everything and it lead into the show "Garfield and Friends" which appeared two years later. He would be joined with Orson T. Pig, Roy Rooster, and other farm animals. In 1992, Lanolin found a love interest with Wade and it seemed that Wade's fear was waning...well they're right because Wade was taking anti-anxiety pills for a few years. In 1995, Wade and Lanolin would live in Los Angeles and later would marry in 1996.

After U.S. Acres

Wade and Lanolin would be married for four years. Lanolin divorced Wade for being addicted to pills. Wade would later go into the Betty Ford Clinic and later the Betty White Clinic for being too dramatic. He was later released in late 2000 where he would befriend Donald Duck, he lived there until his death in 2005. Donald said these were the longest five years he's ever had, not only taking his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie to places, but to take Wade to the beach so that he could swim. This would be fine, but Wade would ask Donald if he would wear an inner tube like his as well and that's it!


In 2005, when the Bird Flu was around, Wade was afraid more than ever and as he was lying on Donald Duck's couch, he took as many pills as he could, and NyQuil since it helps the flu. Wade Duck died at noon on a Tuesday Afternoon. His funeral was confusing since he had a fear of death, so his body was cremated and buried at sea.


Though his life was short, his legacy has been seen in a movie called "Hudson Duck" and Donald Duck will play the role of Wade in the TV Series "U.S. Acres" which is in CGI and will be shown on Cartoon Network in 2011.

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