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Come listen to a story 'bout a bear named Paw...Well, this is about the story of the Hillbilly Bears who lived in West Virginia, not too far from Punkin' Puss and Mushmouse in an area in West Virginia.

edit The Bears

  • Paw Rugg: He's the father who holds a shotgun and doesn't say much, except mumbles because he smoked too much tobacco and ate too much tomacco. His rival family is the Hoppers who would steal Paw's tomacco plants.
  • Maw Rugg: She's the mother who drinks moonshine and smoke tomacco as well. She doesn't hold shotgun, but if anyone takes her moonshine...she'll go ape shit!
  • Floral Rugg: She's the oldest daughter and she's also the smartest of the Rugg Family. She has a High School Diploma because she showed up to school every day in the 10th Grade!
  • Shag Rugg: He's the son of the Rugg Family. Most of the time, he's playing with Mushmouse so you don't see him much.
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edit The Hillbilly Years

The Ruggs lived quietly in West Virginia, except when their neighbor comes barging or Punkin' Puss comes to visit. But sometimes they would have to eat wood since food was scarce. But one day, Paw Rugg was playing his guitar and he would make a smash-hit song "Do the Bear". And he got popularity...and a lawsuit! The Banana Splits sued The Hillbilly Bears Manager for taking their money and new sound!

The Ruggs never got a dime after the song "Do the Bear" became a hit because Paw would threaten anyone who sings that song with a smash of his guitar.

edit What happened later

The Rugg Family joined with Yogi Bear and their ark, but would later leave because they were promised money...and never got it. So Paw and Maw Bear would go back to the hills and in 1995 they were seen on Jerry Springer and Paw told Maw "I love you" in bullets. Floral Rugg Graduated from West Virginia University and she became a model and would be a regular on "Hee-Haw". Shag Rugg later would go to Virginia and live with his cousin who is now on The Cleveland Show.

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