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~ Mork on Leaving Ork
“D'oh! Shazbot!”
~ Mork on Getting in his egg.
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Mork is from the planet Ork which never tolerated humor and people looking like Robin Williams, so the people who destroyed Krypton would kick-out Mork.

edit Mork

Mork was born on the planet Ork which is the 9th Planet in the Solar System after bumping-off Pluto and Krypton. Mork's family was like everyone else, dull and humorless. Mork seemed to be the odd one out since he was very hyper-active and would be very humorous since he watched TV most of the day. And not only TV, but American TV and sitcoms which are banned from Ork.

When Mork's parents found out that he was watching Sitcoms, they told the leader who was busy making Pluto smaller so it can't be a planet. The Leader had Mork ejected from Ork for watching "I Love Lucy" as well as other Sitcoms. So Mork gets sent on a ship that was an egg and he arrives on Earth. But 20 years ago (1958), Mork worked with The Leader so he could take a human or two from "Happy Days", but when Fonzie told Mork that Richie Cunningham would be a bad idea to abduct, Fonzie would have Mork jump the shark and Fonzie jumped over two sharks where Mork only jumped one. So Mork would come back with nothing but "I Love Lucy" tapes.

Mork's abilities are to drink from his fingers, sit on his head, turn people blue, shrink when given cold medicine, and resurrect people from the dead. He was a very popular alien until 1982 when ET took over and had Mork sent to South Park where he lives today with his wife Mindy and his son Merth.

edit Mindy

Mindy is a school teacher from South Park, Colorado and she had a very bad argument with Mr. Garrison since he told her that he has no interest for Mindy. So Mindy left Mr. Garrison and suddenly, Mork's ship comes and Mindy fell in love with Mork right away!

Mindy's parents are very conservative and hates it when Mindy brings boys to their house, so Mork lives in the attic and Mindy's parents never or rarely sees him and they wonder if Mindy's a lesbian.

edit Merth

Merth is born on Earth and his mother is Mork. Orkians age backwards and the men lay eggs (don't ask). Merth calls Mork 'mommy' and he calls her 'shoe' and Merth never knew who his father is and no one will never know.

edit Orson

Orson is Mork's boss and shrink. Living on other planets is widely known to cause mental illness, so all Orkans who are assigned to other planets are assigned psychiatrists. Due to downsizing, Orson was forced to assume both the role of supervisor and the role of psychologist at the same time. Now Orson needs a psychologist too, after dealing with all of Mork's issues and the tedious details of Earth life.

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