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edit This information has been brought to you by The University Of Alien Zombie AIDS Of California

edit Symptoms of Alien Zombie AIDS

In early stages of Alien Zombie AIDS you may be subject to anger and fits of rage. The second symptom of this disease is the loathing of tuna, you may have a craving for tuna but ones you touch the tuna you will instantly become angry and throw that tuna through the nearest window, and destroy it as treacherously as possible. The 3rd symptom is, if you go into the sun you may get burnt very quickly , so dont even think of going to a doctors office because they just make up some lie and tell you you have some made up disease, remember kids never believe a doctor. so if you ever see someone that is under an umbrella they are most likely a Alien zombie or they're just gay, also if you notice somebody stays indoors a lot and plays video games then they are also an Alien zombie. The second to last symptom is a small transfiguration mostly turning a small tint of green so if this happens dont think your the hulk because youre not youre a weakling that cant fight off a flock (A common mistake of Alien Zombies they move in flocks rather than herds) of Alien Zombies. the last and final symptom is they walk in a slow dragging of the right leg while air humping.

edit How AIien Zombie AIDS is Transmitted

The usual way of getting this disease is by getting raped by an Alien Zombie. to ensure you do not become an alien zombie would be to lock, or close your door at night so you don't get raped by an alien zombie kitten. Also zombies travel in flock so never get cornerd in a dark ally because they will Devi agley rape yo ass, nigga. And if you are raped don't go to the doctor to get tested to see if your nocked up because doctors will say your going to have a baby, but that is complete and udder bull shit because doctors don't know shit, bitch, the real truth is you have Alien Zombie AIDS don't question if you have this disease because you do if you were raped (A tip to remember is "what happens in your ass stays in your ass").

edit How Alien Zombies began

Alien Zombies AIDS began before the beginning of the world on planet funk-a-tron. An gay alien visited his nigga homeboy from the hood. when he landed their was a zombie in a black van asking the alien if he had wanted some candy. the alien knew the zombie was obviously trying to ubduct him but he did it anyway because he thought he could get some free KBS (kinky butt sex). instead of doing it he was gangsta banged. when the alien found out 20 years later that the zombie had given him an STD known as Alien zombie AIDS, he went to a doctor to test for it ,but nobody cares because doctors are full of total bull shit. then he went to a crazy GAY-Der-RAGE, and killed and raped some somalions. the somalions then got Alien Zombie AIDS which then raped poor little kittens, which then raped dinosaurs, which evolved to birds, which then evolved to more kittens, which were raped by more dirty ass somalions, then the kittens raped white people. so in all it was the hooded smelly-ass Somalion's fault.

edit How To Cure Alien Zombie AIDS

there has been 2 confirmed that work one has several side effects and one is difficult and is time consuming. The first way way to cure it is to combine the juices of watermelons but it can only be a seed watermelon not the queer seedless watermelon then combine that with chopped onion, not no pussy ass onion a big old mother fucker, and definatley not chives because that will just make you have flaming shit that fly into the toilet making 360 degrees diaria. but there is several side affect to this messed up shit, it makes you have an exploding dick and if you are a women you will grow a dick the it will be blown up, also it will compel you to go to the doctors but remember they are just full of gay bacon.

edit How To Prevent Alien Zombie AIDS from happening to you

Here is step by step on how to prevent alien zombie aids from happening to you

1. Buy a gorilla suit and BURN THAT BITCH, then put your turtle suit that we all know that your have.

2. Fill your rectum with a butt-load of cactus ButtLoad = Capacity of a Rectum

3. If you are a girl do the same as step 2 with your taco.

4. Roll around in poop to mask your scent

5. Fill your pants to the brim with mac and cheese.

6. Do not wipe after taking a dump, Alien Zombies are attracted to the sound.

7. Ware a cowboy hat (because Chuck Norris does) and nobody give a fuck about Chuck Norris so, why should an alien zombie?

8. Shimmy it up

9. Get a life

10. Detach your testicals, so if you become a zombie you can't spread it.

edit What does an Alien Zombie look like

A commonly asked question is what does a Alien Zombie look like. So I thought I would answer that question. They are usually slightly green, and are very deceiving one second there nice and the second second your getting Bonnned in the mouth. So never make friends with someone that looks like a ho and is nice because they will enter you colen first.

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