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“Insert Name Here”
~ Me on Myself

I'm Mr. [insert name here]! If you can find me, I'll be in the Internets!

Plus, I randomly look at articles to my amusement. Anyone and I mean anyone can insert my name. My name AIN'T Captain Obvious, though. He's too famous.

edit What I do

  • Play GTA IV and keep on pwning mah-self
  • Let people run me over by a car
  • Get involed in a console war and sumon the vehciles of the apocalypse
  • Telling Pikachu to use thunderbolt on me, most likely because I enjoy being electrocuted
  • Having an admin tell me what to do

edit What I don't do

  • Having CJ cap my head when I asked him to write an autograph
  • Being a lazy dude
  • Fall asleep on the keyboard
  • Insulting the Internet
  • Dissing the admins (now why would I do that?)

edit Stats

  • Failure to know my name (most likely due to my n00b brain
  • IQ: ?????
  • Trying so hard to read it, I sleep with my eyes open too often
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