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| [[Image:Spongebob drunk.png|75px]]
| Thish acticle is Intoxa...Intoxo...Intox....Very Drunk...*Hic*

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Welcome to Mr. Epic Fail's Userpage,
the content-free user page that anyone can edit.
100,000+ failures occurring today!

Mr. Epic Fail

Failures occurring or currently in production right now since you entered this article:

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Where Mr. Epic Fail proudly lives in to convert it to communism and uses to promote democracy to the world.

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Mr. Epic Fail is a Vietnamesian!

“I hate him, he's the root of all sin.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Mr. Epic Fail
“He's a great worker! He proudly serves communism--I mean, democracy!”
~ Mario on Mr. Epic Fail working for Mario
“I wish I could be like him. He always appear on pictures on Google search. I only get a FEW pictures with MY NAME!!!”
~ Mr. Epic Win on Mr. Epic Fail being on many photos of failing
“He looks delicious!”
~ A hungry grue on Mr. Epic Fail
“In Soviet Russia, you ARE Mr. Epic Fail!”
~ Russian reversal on on Mr. Epic Fail
“'re an epic failure! You got ran over! Epic fail! Epic fail, fail, fail, fail, FAIL!!!”
~ Some annoying n00b down the street near you on Failing--which is the result from Mr. Epic Fail.
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