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Hello all you people who are for some reason, reading this right now. Seriously, why are you reading this? Don't you all have lives or something? I don't, that's why I am typing this. Well some things about me:

edit Random stuff you shouldn't be reading

And that's it, now go get a life! --Pedobear Mr.Dude

edit Intermelectual Not Duum Quotes

"The world is like cotton candy. That is why aliens will eventually eat the Earth" -A dude "Yo mama" -Yo mama "You domestic!" -A guy I know "Who belongs to this?!" -Another guy I know

edit Some of my, self-given awards


This user (probably) huffs kittens.
Evil bloke This user devours babies. Whole.
Bad ass simle face mini This user is a bad ass, so treat him wih respect.
Health Alert: Reading This Page May Cause Instant Death. However, since this warning is at the bottom of the page, you're likely already dead.

edit Some Awards I actually stole Won!

Spam3 I won the spam award! go me!

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