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“He's a 1337 hax0r”
~ Willy on Wheels on Runtshit

Roland rance's wikipedia userpage getting vandalized by runtshit.

The Runtshit Vandal is one of wikipedia's self proclaimed worst enemies and is also called "Jew-killer" by his comrades. since then he has been pwning Roland Rance over and over. he has over 1401 sockpuppets and will most likely be invincible despite wikipedia's many futile efforts to stop this legend of a vandal.


Actually, RuntShit was a College nerd who studies in an israel university called the university of haifa, which means he is a jew himself, but instead of controlling stuff and doing all those lame jewish rituals like his colleagues did, he instead went to join the wikipedia vandal forces and decided to save the world from the evil wikipedian empire along with the likes of Grawp and Mr Pelican Shit.


What RuntShit Desires to stop.

In his first war against the empire of wikipedia,he was sent to pwn the residential jew king RolandR, also called Roland Rance. He blanked his talkpage and left a word saying "I HAD SEX WITH YOUR MOM ON A PUDDLE OF SHIT!!!! LOL". The revision was deleted instantly by the jew wikipedians due to their tendency to defend for jews. Since then he has been pwning poor roland rance over and over, and will most likely continue doing it. Aside of that he also vandalized pages about Marxism and Jews, which he is sent to remove from wikipedia. Wikipedians had tried to use their High-tech trackshooting banhammer to kill him, but he is impossible to kill due to his many sockpuppets and his infinite proxy barrier making him impossible to edricate.

In 2010, he is given his own Long-term abuse page by wikipedian admins to honour him and his awesomeness. This just shows how wikipedians honour trolls by building them shrines.

Vandalism methods


Roland Rance in the eyes of runtshit.

Runtshit's first and foremost method of vandalism, which claimed him to his fame is stalking RolandR, or simply called Roland Rance, which is the Jew king of wikipedia. He often stalks Rance's userpage and talk page, and once a while he will blank his userpage/talk and replace it with a message sent by the wikipedia vandal forces. these messages often contain traces of 1337ness, usually in the form of scatological references, as well as references against Roland Rance. Most of his messages against rance and wikipedia are not known, as the overprotective admins are to hasty to delete it due to it being too offensive in their eyes. Like other vandals he uses open proxy barriers to give him infinite sockpuppets. In fact he was so 1337 that some of his sockpuppets are thought to be another user.

His second method of vandalism is to attack like any other IP-editor, except he is more powerful. Common targets of this method are Marxism, Arab-isaraeli conflict and articles about jewish dictators. Usually these are vandalized in a manner of an IP, such as "(Jewish dictator) is a devil and should be burnt in hell." (Which is usually how an IP vandalizes wikipedia.) But because he is too 1337 for the admins, even these subtle and childish edits get censored by jewish admins for teh Lulz. Basically all edits of runtshit are Censored by jewish wikipedia admins fighting for their master roland rance. The exact reason is jewish secret and cannot be revealed.

Results of Wikipedian Attempts to destroy runtshit

It's futile.



Roland Rance when he is pwnt by Runtshit.

Reception of runtshit is mixed since his first invasion against wikipedia. according to a checkuser report message by a wikipedian jew, an wikipedian said;"This is a strong-armed, 3RR-evading sockpuppet warrior - one of the worst I've seen here. He's a single-purpose account focused on violating (insert crappy policy here). All accounts must be indef-blocked, the page should be semiprotected for a week if it isn't already, and a checkuser would not be a bad idea."[1] The main victim of runtshit, Roland rance said "Absolutely horrible. One of the worst vandals that wikipedia had saw for a long time. A traitor and must be slaught.". This was certain, as Roland Rance was one of the victims of his 1337ness. The king of the wikipedia empire, Jimbo Wales, said; "The vandal of a history." Jew president Shimon Peres said "Utter Traitor and hypocrite. If he wasn't thrown in a gullotine and his head Wasn't chopped, I am defintely not jewish."

But those who supported him have a different opinion. Bambifan101, which is another top executive of the wikipedia vandal stronghold, said; "Disney is utter garbagefuck, but Runtshit doesen't suck. In fact I praise RuntShit for his luck." Encyclopedia Dramatica said: "He wins at life. Defintely the top percentage of jewfags.Fuck those Jewfags and their dumbass shit, because RuntShit is teh lulz." This was obvious, as Encyclopedia Dramatica supports Nazism. Former president of the wikipedia vandal stronghold Willy on wheels said: "One of our 1337test and foremost vandals on WHEELS!". He even cropped a picture of him vandalizing roland rance's usertalk and turned it into a memorial picture of the wikipedia stronghold hall of fame. When The writer of the article asked him for the picture, he gladly refused On WHEELS! and kicked The writer out of the stronghold.

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