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The Wonder Bread Pets

The Wonder Pets. Whoop.

What it is Cartoon, Drama, Musical, Action
Creator God
Starring Riku
Micheal Jackson
Phil Harrison
Ash Ketchum
Britney Spears
Who's running it Nick Jr.
How long is it 5 Hours
No. of episodes 666
Would Oscar Wilde watch it? If they where drunk.

Wonder Pets is an American animated children's television series. It debuted on March 3, 2006, on the Nick Jr. block of the Nickelodeon cable television network. The series followed a Guinea Pig, Duckling, and a Turtle who live in a preschool. When the children leave, they get high and become superheroes.

The animation is done in some sick and cruel way of using the preserved carcasses of animals, then stapling them onto animation boards and stuff. The show is most known for it's messages about Sharing, Smoking, and Teamwork- And Howard Stern will often refer to the show on the Howard Stern Show. Creator God states that he was trying to make a show similar to real life, but disguised as a Children's TV Show. Using his 1337 Ninja skillz, he sneaked in the Drugs, Sex, Murder, Religious, and Politcial humor, as well as the swearing. Nick Jr commented on the situation, saying:

“Shit! No comment, niggs!”
~ Summer Redstone on Wonder Pets

After Getting High.

edit Show Structure


What does this remind you of?

Every episode begins with drunk little kids singing, then they leave the preschool. Then, the Wonder Pet's crappy phone will ring, and they'll get off their lazy asses, as they sing, and answer the phone- where they'll find out some animal is being a dumbass and needs their help- Examples: Getting their fat ass stuck in a hole, being a wimp and not jumping down from a tree, being too retarded to fly, etc. , so then, they get high, chug a little beer, put on capes, and then they get into their Flyboat (or Flysub if the misson is underwater), and rescue the animals, and then they get drugs in return.

edit Episodes


Squirrels rebel against the WP and attempt to kill them in San Francisco.

  • 1. "Save the Dollyrots!" / "Save the Pimp!"
  • 2. "Save the Semen!" / "Save the Crack!"
  • 3. "Save the Drugs!" / "Save the Best for Last!"
  • 4. "Save the Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols!" / "Save the Stripper!"
  • 5. "Save the Poop!" / "Save the Chicken Neck for Broth!"
  • 6. "Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus" / "Save the Nasty Smell!"
  • 7. "Save the Noise!" / "Save the Funk!"
  • 8. "Save the Manatee!" / "Save Oprah Winfrey!"
  • 9. "Save the Ship!" / "Save it For Somebody Who Gives a Shit!"
  • 10. "Save the Porn!!" / "Save the Unsavable!"
  • 11. "Save the Cigarettes!" / "Save the Last Dance for Me!"
  • 12. "Save the Puck in A Sudden Death Shootout! / "Save the Steve Irwin!"
  • 13. "Save the Bullshit!" / "Save Your Breath!"
  • 14. "Save the Cannoli, Leave the Gun!" / "Save the Souls of The Heathens!"
  • 15. "Save the Black People!" / "Save the Weed!"
  • 16. "Save the Jesus!" (double-length)
  • 17. "Save the Cheerleader!" / "Save the World!" [3]
  • 18. "Save the beer!" (double-length)
  • 19. "Save the Receipt!" / "Save the Whales!"
  • 20. "Save the Forks, Pie is Coming!" / "Save Yourself for Marriage!"
  • 21. "Save the Princess!" / "Save the Mushroom Kingdom!"
  • 22. "Save the President from Ninjas!" / "Save Tuck's Horrible Embarrassing Secret!"
  • 23. "Save the Pikachu!" / "Save the Neopets!
  • 24. "Save the Orphanage!" / "Save the Other Orphanage!"
  • 25. "Save the Ren!"/"Save the Stimpy!"
  • 26. "Save the Bold!"/"Save the Beautiful!"
  • 27. "Save the Day!" / "Save the Night!"
  • 28. "Save the High School Musical" / "Save Your Mom!"
  • 29. "Save the Children!" / "Save the Bacon Fat in That Old Coffee Can!"
  • 30. "Save the Salve!" / "Save the Slave!
  • 31. "Save the Empire!" / "Save the Queen!"
  • 32. "Save Everything!" / "Save Nothing!"
  • 33. "Save the White People!" / "Save the Cocaine!"
  • 34. "Save the Prostitute!" / "Save Super Mario!"
  • 34. "Save My Ass!"/ "Save My balls!"
  • 35. "Save the French!"/ "Save the Pussies!"
  • 36. "Save the Ginger Kid (CopperCab)!"/ "Save the Weegee!"/ Save Justin Beiber!" (special episode)
  • 37. "Save the Private Ryan!"/ "Save the Show From Cancellation!" (Currently on hiatus due to the Disappearance of the Wonder Pets.)

Notice lack of Bikini on Linny.

edit Characters


All 3 of the Wonder Pets.

  • Linny the Guinea Pig- The supposed "leader" of the Wonder Pets. She's a guinea pig. Stores a lot of crack in her cage. Played by amisha.
  • Turtle Tuck- The only male Wonder Pet, and he's shown to be a homosexual. He's a turtle. He give kids salmonella poisoning. Played by cathine.
  • Ming Ming Duckling- A brain-damaged Korean duckling that does not know how to pronounce words like read, instead she says wead. this is all because of mouth cancer that the retarded little duckling got from doing to much weed a few days before the show was aired. Played by kaya Alexander.

edit The Movie

Around 2007, the movie was made and showed kick fucking ass awesome footage, and was released A WHOLE YEAR LATER. When it came out, the people were like, SHIT alright! The movie sucked so bad that after the first 6 minutes everyone left. No one has ever seen the entire movie, And nobody ever will as the Movie has fell into Obscurity. It was released on DVD with all the Episodes as bonus features to get the people to buy the crappy thing.

edit This Shit is Sewious

  • The Wonder Pets will be appearing in Super Smash Bros. 4 as a playable character in the style of the Pokemon Trainer.
  • The Wonder Pets Video Game Was Released on June 6, 2006 for the PS3 and Virtual Boy.
  • If you watch this show, you will have a desire to smoke

They seem so fucking proud of themselves..

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