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Entire Bush family
George Bushes
Other Bushes
“Viva the Macarana”
~ Ghandi on George WWWJD Bush
“The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing”
~ George WWJD Bush on Masturbation

edit Preamble

George WWJD Bush, the cousin twice removed of God, invented Judaism, Islam, Communism, Homosexuality, Fascism, Anarchy, bastards, stupidity and toothpaste. He later went on to disown the former four. He often goes by, the second son, the Texan Jesus, and Dubya Dubya Jay Day.
Bush lepers

George W.W.J.D. Bush healing Osama bin Laden following "Red Poisoning" or exporure to Communism, following which he gave him a shitload of weapons. He would later regret both of these actions.

He is the undisputed leader of the New World Order, or NWO.

The New World Order, as previously led by Hulk Hogan before selling his soul to "God".

He claims to be the most moral "being" on earth. However he as also been quoted as denying being mortal in nature, "I'm Jesus, kinda." He is celebrated for his undying compassion and killer smile.

edit W.W.J.D.??

W.W.J.D is an accronym for: Walker Would Justify Death, a reference to Chuck Norris' character Walker on Walker: Texas Ranger. It is mistakenly translated as What Would Jesus Do by many Christians.

edit Life of a Savior

George WWJD Bush has been noted as a genuine Messiah by 42 states and 1337 countries as well as a good zero religions. Although not labelled a true messiah by the Catholic Church he has been confirmed as a saint for his three miracles of:
-Turning WMD's into sand
-Turning oil into pollution
-Turning the entire world into a breeding ground for terrorists

edit Birth

George WWJD Bush was born in Nazareth, Connectthedots in the years 0, 42, 777, 1337, 1930 and 2000. He was fathered by George H.W. Bush and The "Virgin" Mary all five times. Although disputed, it has been claimed he emerged from the womb as a full grown quasi-man. We'd ask his mother, but she has since been "silenced". Many scientists have studied this incredible phenomenon, it's a great question which has left scientists baffled and scientologists jumping on couches. He eats farts.

edit Early Childhood

In his early childhood George WWJD Bush lived lavishly and enjoyed some familiar pastimes, such as:

edit Early Adulthood

In the early 1970's he fought valiantly in the Texas National Guard, losing his fifth limb and a rather large section of his brain. After he returned home from the war, he became a farmer for 10 years. On August 4th 1380 he married his lover Dick Cheney.

edit Middle Adulthood


This picture demonstrates the Hierarchy of Morality as studied by Scientologists. WWJD Bush obviously disapproves of it saying, "Fuck evolution, fuck it and fags!"

Bush traveled the mighty deserts of his fathers, George and Prescott, in search of a Quest. One sunny day, in the dark of night, he found a bush which was all lit on fire and was mightily taken aback. He hid his face in terror, and shakily asked "Who'all's thayer?"

The bush then spake, "You know who I am: I stared at the sun. Well I am the one who loves changing from nothing to One."

Bush replied to the bush, and quoth "Sheeyit, jeepers!"

The bush instructed Bush thusly, saying unto him "Go thou into the world, and save my children from terror." His mission was then established.

Shortly there after he was found by the Holy Roman Empire's Holy Roman Army. They had him lit ablaze, hanged, tasered, and took degrading photos of him and Lynndie England. They then divided his garments among themselves and took turns nailing him on the cross. Then they burned him at the stake.

edit Cheese eating

Bush is very fond of a slice or two of cheddar.

edit Presidency

Dont blame the president

He didn't even want to be president.

Beeblebrox's Therapist (who coincidently is also Bush's) has stated, "Bush is just this guy, you know?"

edit His Legacy

He has left meny men with the minor wishes of the people. he has left 1 bojillion people to worship him. There also various movies and Xbox video games based on his life. A major motion picture is currently being filmed, directed by acclaimed director Uwe Boll. Tom Cruise is tipped to play the leading role.

edit Religion

There are many religions founded in respect to him, including, SadoMasaChristianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. Buddhism is similar, but involves to many numbers, therefore it has been denied as a Bushian Religion.

edit Holidays

See Labor Day,
Think giving birth to a full grown man is easy?
Think again.
See Christmas,
This is a misnomer for Bushmas, or the day on which WWJD was born.

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