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Note: This page has absolutely nothing to do with the Russian Reversal. It is simply a compilation of facts about life in Soviet Russia.

“In Soviet Russia, the tallest mountain is Mount Garmo, Tajik SSR, approximately 6600 m above sea level.”
“In Soviet Russia, there are ten types of people: Those who agree with the party all the time, and those who are dead.”
“But that's only two types.”
“SILENCE! There are TEN types of people! <Stabs Капитан Очевидное in the kidney>”
~ KGB guy
“In Soviet Russia, we have superheroes called the Freedom Rangers. They are like your Power Rangers, except that all five of them wear red.”
~ Freedom- and TV-loving worker
“Also in Soviet Russia, all of our M&M's are red and our ham comes from the Red Forest and our comrades' favorite beverage is red drink. Except on St. Patrick's day, when we all drink red beer. red.”
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