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Goth chick in corset and nice boots using linux

Morwen taking a break from editing Uncyclopedia.


I am morwen on the other place as well.

According to my favourite vandal, I am a "FAT UGLY LESBIAN!", which is fair comment really.

I am very glad that the United Nations have moved into the 21st century by sponsoring this U.N. Cyclopedia project. I fondly remember UNSENET.

Since everyone seems to think I am from Wales I might as well give in. If you look at the map you will see the town I am from (red) highlighted within Wales (green).


edit My stuff

edit Ideas

  • Cnut - i can't believe this is a redlink! think of the possibilities!
  • /Wellgusset
    • topical thing I didn't get round to often enough

edit Things I like

(not mine)

edit Things to work on

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