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Conflict: Israeli-Hezbollah War 2006
Date: 12 July 2006 til' Infinity (estimated)
Place: Zionist Entity / Lebanese Flatlands
Outcome: Extensive Remodeling of Lebanon by IDF
Zionist Entity Lebanese Flatlands
Amir "The Mustache" Peretz Hassan "It wasn't me" Nassrallah
A mob of angry Jews, good looking women, George Bush Many intimidating suspicious looking middle eastern charachters, shit load of rockets
243 bed and breakfasts Beirut

The 2006 Israel-Lebanon Misunderstanding is a series of ongoing military actions and clashes in northern Israel and Lebanon between Hezbollah's armed wing and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). On 12 July 2006 Hezbollah initiated Operation Sabra and Tequila,[1] Israel then responded with Operation Flat Beirut,[2] later renamed Operation All your towns belong to us.[3] Israel's strike has thus far encompassed the following:

  • An extensive remodling directed towards extremly ugly sites in Lebanon (such as: the Beirut International Airport)
  • An air and Israeli Sea Corps naval blockade of Lebanon,in an effort to prevent the smuggling of Booze and Women.
  • A force of tanks and armored personnel carriers, and some small raids into southern Lebanon by IDF ground troops (i.e.: riding into towns, shooting in the air and shouting: "YEEEEHHHAA! ISRAEL RULES! GIVE US YOUR BOOZE AND WOMEN!")

Hezbollah having difficulties with quality rocket firing

Meanwhile, Hezbollah has engaged in artillery rocket bombardment on Israel's northern cities and towns, including Haifa whilst claiming they were aiming at miliatry bases but do to budget cuts they could not efford efficiant rockteers.[4]

edit Israeli Effort to Redsign Landscape

edit The Nasrallah Sex Scandle

edit International Celebs Involvement

edit Palastinian Angle

edit Christian Holy Rage - Attack on Nazerath

edit Special Weapons Intoduced by Both Sides

edit Possible Alien Involvment?

edit Further Reading

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