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...Home of some angry Jews
(List of Israeli Uncyclopedians)
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אױ װײזמיר Der usernik vant you should shtop bothering dem when dey daven Toyreh, nu?
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“This is very un-funny. Why don't you pick on someone your own size like an obese cheeseburger handlers at Wendy's. If you wrote about African Americans like you do Jews, than you would get your ass kicked. Go back to your red-neck front yard and mow the lawn, perhaps you would find your car and your tiny brain.”
~ on Mordillo's anti-semitic humor

Foolitzer Foolitzer Prize Winner August 2006

edit Who Am I?

Who the hell knows? I'm too busy dodging rockets fired by Nasrallah and his lackys to discuss these matters of perfound importance. I am however, Israeli, which means I am:

  • Extremly rude
  • Can't spell in engrish
  • Think I can solve everything by blowing your house
  • A born pasimist who thinks the humor is the world's true Messiah. Good humor that is.

Furthermore, according to Severian, it would seem that I might be the Hebrew Hammer, coming soon to a theatre near you!


Goyim beware, the Hebrew Hammer is coming for YOU!!!

People&#039;s Front of Judea tag

Time till Mahmoud Ahmadinejad turns us all into nuclear dust:


edit They are MINE my OWN my PRECIOUS


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Damn I'm Lazy....

edit I've been blessed!

Hail the almighty rev. for his blessings.

edit Cookies in my jar

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