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Hello I'm Moray594.

Hummingruby This User knows the truth about hummingbirds and will not rest until the lies have been dispelled.

NO This user doesn't care.
Xbox2 This user is addicted to video games. PlayStation Logos

British flag This user is a total UKer
and knows how to queue.
(British Uncyclopedians)
LV-2 This user considers him/herself an intermediate gamer and so probably has some sort of social life.
DIFF H This user plays Video Games on the highest difficulty available because they like to get the most out of their games and thinks you should too!
Bananaseizure This user will give you a seizure.
Bjorkbeams This user has eye beams.
Deadbarney3 This user believes Barney is evil and therefore must die.
typo-E Thissuer onyl speakss Typo becuase ti was a require d cousre ni shcool.

Daft Punk This user Thinks Daft Punk rule and should be seen as gods.
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