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edit History

The username originally debuted sometime in early 2005 when the person in questions' previous username "MoonPeople" had expired on Xbox Live. The first thing the user did when this happened, was re-invite the people he liked on his or her friends' list. (It is unknown wether or not the user is a boy or girl, and some claim he or she may be a robot due to his/her/its voice). The number of friends re-invited was about two (most of the user's "friends" were really fucking annoying and kinda just gave out random invites and were never on; most were not missed.)

For about three months, the user continued to play his/her/its favorite games at the time, Halo 2 and Mechassault 2 (some speculate the user had an odd fetish for "2"s).

Then, another game came to the user's eyes called "Final Fantasy XI" were the user took a new name and has been there ever since.

Some say, if you look really hard, this user may show up once in awhile on Xbox Live on a full moon, in the cold of winter, on Friday the thirteenth, and in a year where all the the numbers are odd. But this is unlikely due to the fact the user will most likely be dead by then (or the username expired) if it is indeed "human".

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