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Lee Evans: The effects of a swift kick in the balls.

Lee Evans is a British Comedian, and arch nemesis of anti-perspirants. He is best known for drowning the front row of his audience with sweat.

He is perhaps the only comedian to perform in Wales and still live to tell the tale. (All others have died due to sheep STD's)

edit Bio

Despite having the appearance of a midget, he's actually 5' 9" (1.75m for you Johnny Foreigners). The reason for this illusion is currently unknown, although many speculate that he was smote by Jebus. This could possibly explain his extreme sweatiness too.

Evan's was unfortunate enough to marry at the age of 17, again this may have something to do with the wrath of Jebus.

He also enjoyed a short career as a boxer, although he had admitted he usually comes third after his opponent and the referee. It's pretty obvious that Evan's is not popular amongst the Jesii clan.

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