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The MoneySign is the most worthless symbol in all languages that it is used in. Although many misguided individuals have misinterpreted the meaning of the images to mean wealth and power, the fact of the matter is that the rest of the world has a bad relationship with the symbol and what it has come to mean.

edit Humble Beginnings to Current Corruption


This MoneySign was used by Gene Simmons - as we all know, Gene never worked a day in his life...

The MoneySign was originally used to stand for hard work and the succeeding earnings that were well deserved but as history progressed, people wanted success and recognition without hard work and began to use the MoneySign to state that they were better than others because the MoneySign falsely stated they worked to get where they were. The MoneySign is currently used in society by those in powerful positions, such as politicians, lawyers and Gene Simmons.

edit Some Examples of MoneySigns

  • The €uro: (European way of saying "I'm better than you.")
  • The ¥en (this is the only example of a hardworking MoneySign - it's too bad some Americans have usurped it.)
  • The American Money$ign (the laziest of all the MoneySigns.)
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