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{{q|I would rather see a hundred innocent men go to GITMO, than to see one
{{q|I would rather see a hundred innocent men go to GITMO, than to see one
guilty man go free.|Dubya|justice}}
guilty man go free.|Dubya|justice}}
{{q|If ignorance is strength, then I'm the world strongest man.|Dubya|[[Ignorance]]}}

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edit More About Me

Yes, I am a user_4498.gif geek

I want to be Snake Eyes when I grow up...or maybe Storm Shadow.

I think that I might be Canadian...I'm sorry.

edit Pointless Quotes

edit Mo's Random Quote

“Idle hands are the Devil's playground...or tools...or playthings. Look, just get off the couch, okay?”
~ Modusoperandi on getting his roommate up off the chesterfield, damnit

edit Quote Made Up By Mo, But Credited To Others

"Though I lay dying I am content in the knowledge that I will finally meet someone worthy of my wit. Oh, and either those curtains go, or I do."

~ Oscar Wilde on God

edit Random

edit Things to Ponder While on the Can

When firemen were kids, what did they want to be when they grew up?

Don't even try to make a cottage out of cottage cheese: it'll never pass inspection.

Now that the Star Wars Prequels are done, can we finally admit that they aren't any good?

How come when you turn up the volume on a movie with subtitles they don't get bigger?

edit More Things to Ponder While on the Can

Isn't broccoli cool? It's like a little tree, man...and cauliflower! It's albino broccoli. Sweet. Too bad they taste like eraser.

Boba Fett is to Star Wars as Snake Eyes is to G.I. Joe

The worst part about George Lucas "tweaking" Episodes 4-5-6 is that he's editing my childhood.

Is the best book of the Old Testament "Scooby Deuteronomy"?

edit Works-in-Progress

edit Page of something

#REDIRECT [[Uncyclopedia:CRP]] {{BPC|Modusoperandi}} {{QVFDc}}

edit The Infinite Plane of Possible Pages (or things that would be pages, if I had the time)

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