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edit Image:Ipodchristcrx.png


  • Well done
  • There's always room for Jesus


  • Yet another iPod spoof?
  • The text on the pic should probably reference Easter (Friday or Sunday)

Score: 8/10

edit Image:NAWAR.png


  • Nothing really stands out for me. Sorry.


  • The additional text doesn't quite match the original. The new text is sharper than the old (yes, I know that adding text is a bitch. When in doubt, 'chop out all of the original text and add your own).
  • The pic is too small. There's room for more humour in the bottom text section, but the resolution isn't high enough to really do anything. In the very least, flunitrazepam should get a mention, because it's a funny word. Flu-ni-trazepam. Unfortunately, a cursory googling didn't turn up any higher res versions.
  • The dame sticks out. I'd give a tip for making a drowsy broad fit the picture better, but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe, instead of that one, find a pic of a drowsing lady leaning on him.

Score: 6/10

edit Image:AmazingSeizureLad.png


  • Comic absurdity about twitchy kids. I like.


  • The pics of the brat don't match the "tone" of the poster (One's grayscale. The other is linedrawn). It would be better with a Photoshop "linedrawing" effect applied to the kids (or, if that isn't possible, reduce the shades of gray from whateveritis to 16 or 4 or whatever).

Score: 7/10

edit Image:Mankinijesus.jpg


  • Fashionable and creepy.


  • Try it with a picture of a movie/tv Jesus, rather than a painting. As with TLB's entry, mixed stylistic "tones" on the same 'chop are jarring, inhibiting the suspension of disbelief.

Score: 5/10

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