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This is the BUTT POOP!!!! template. It is used whenever one needs to express BUTT POOP!!!!, or explain their propensity to eat apples with Mike Tyson & Oscar Wilde in Belgium.

How To Use

{{BUTT POOP}} displays:

Whereas {{BUTT POOP!!!!}} displays:

When To Use


BUTT POOP!!!! cat eating apples with Mike Tyson & Oscar Wilde in Belgium

Didn't you read what I just wrote? Use it whenever the mention of BUTT POOP!!!! or Belgian Mike Tyson & Oscar Wilde cooperative apple-eating is appropriate.

Why To Use

Leading researchers at BUTT POOP!!!! Venture Firms (funded by Fisher Price) have developed BUTT POOP!!!! to be as efficient as possible, yielding an unprecedented an ratio of BUTT POOP!!!! to disc space. It has been shown as well to increase the rate at which one eats apples in proximity to celebrities as a function of time as well.

Also, it's undeletable. (See the relevant VFD logs.) Everyone loves BUTT POOP!!!!

Why Not To Use

Some people don't like BUTT POOP!!!!. These people are fags.

What To Use


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