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Unquotable is a parody of wikimedia's wikiquote project.

edit Creating Pages in Unquotable

First off, please read the site wide policies of UN:HTBFANJS and the beginner's guide. These policies will apply to everything written on Uncyclopedia.

Not every famous person should have an unquotable page. The whole lives of men can be parodied in mainspace, whereas only the famous sayings of men can be parodied in unquotable. As a general rule, the subject of an unquotable page should have numerous famous and recognizable quotes. Generally, "dialect-based" articles, in which the humor is based on the unusual speak patterns of the subject, go better in mainspace than in quotespace. An example of a dialect based article would be Yoda or the Swedish Chef.

When creating false quotes, the most effective method seems to be to begin with an actual quote, then add a punch line. This ensures that the tone of the start of the quote is correct. For example:

  • "The only thing worse than being talked about is the holocaust". - Oscar Wilde

As a rule, entirely fictitious quotes are often not funny, especially if the tone is incorrect. Quotes that reference a person's life and actions, rather than they what they said often come across as not funny. Remember, unquotable can only mock words, not deeds. For example, the following quote is not funny:

  • "I like to have sexual intercourse with other men." - Oscar Wilde

Although sexual-innuendo can work, it is often over done.

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