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Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Cordata
Class: Mamalia
Order: Primates
Family: Feminia
Genus: Gravidia
Feminia Gravidia

Feminia Vora

Preggos are a genus of the family of Women, thereby making them distantly related to the High-School Girl and Hot Chick. Although similar to most other sspecies of women, they can generally easily be distinguished by their large and very swollen abdomens. In addition, they tend to have larger breasts than other species of women. The most modern classification of preggos lists two species in the sub-genus, Gravidia gravidia and Gravidia vora.

Gravidia gravidia

Feminia gravidia, also called true preggos, the most common type of preggos. Tbey are distinguished by the presence of of a uterine parasite of some type, generally a fetal homo sapiens.

Gravidia gravidia fetii


A regular preggo after carrying the parasite for approximately 7-8 months.

The fetus-bearing preggo, often called the regular preggo, is as its name suggests, the most common type of preggo, having a fetus in its uterus. The fetus is commonly believed to arise from the merger of an Ovum and sperm cell. However, a minority of scientists assert that the fetus is implanted by a bird, typically the stork, as punishment for committing fornication. The parasite will generally remain in the womb for a period of 10 months, at which point the parasite will go out the vagina, either infecting more people or becoming a preggo itself.

Gravidia gravidia newtus

The newt-bearing preggo, has a newt parasite dwelling in it's uterus. Unlike many other subspecies of preggo, the parasite is generally a permanent resident of the host's uterus, and the preggo may remain pregnant indefinately. This is a rather rare sub-species of preggo, the only current know example is Miranda Cosgrove.

It is commonly believed that the newt-bearing preggo was created by super-intelligent newts as part of there plan to take over the world with the aid of preggosexuals. If you are a preggosexual, which, since you are reading this article, you probably are, and would like to aid the newts in their plan to occupy human uteruses, please contact either Newtis Newtfield or Preggobear.

Gravidia gravidia tenicalia

Gravidia gravidia rebirthus

Gravidia gravidia xenomophia

Gravidia vora

Gravidia vora vora

Gravidia vora phuedbeybi

Gravidia vora analia

Notable Preggos

Fat man
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