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Ball lick

Age of Umpires is a highly successful RPG/Strategy video game series by Microsoft and Unsemble Studios. In it, the player takes control of a team of Umpires with the primary aim of ruinning cricket matches. The game has fallen out of popularity in India, where crowds prefer to see computers get decisions wrong instead.

Currently in its second reincarnation, the series has been massively popular in India, Britain, Australia, and strangely the United States. Perhaps they get a kick out of seeing blithering British pensioners battered to a pulp...

The game's appeal stretches further than simply umpiring cricket matches. Your ageing officials are constantly in need of supplies, which must be gathered from various parts of the ground. This is where the successful player excels: trips to the pavilion at the end of each over must be swift, as such tasks as collecting six packs of Scrumpy Jack and emptying your bladder must be performed at regular intervals and against the clock. Failure to do so results in crowd disturbances and unless the unruly mob and their crap can be avoided, a game over situation results. Players must also avoid attacks by the cunning Umpire Slayer. (more...)

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