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This is a list of notable game related articles that need to be fixed. The complete list was too long, as was trimmed down to only show the notable articles. Please update this as appropriate, but don't add obscure articles.

Also, please don't add ICU's to this list, as they will mostly likely be deleted quickly.

The list of Game Related articles to fix

Arcade game - Clubbing - Drunk driving - Gambling - Game master - GameCube - Half-Life - Kindergarten sports - Lawn bowls - NASCAR - National Football League - Nintendo DS Lite - Ping pong - PlayStation - PlayStation 3 - Pokemon card - Race card - Rejected Nintendo Titles - Resident Evil - Sierra Entertainment - Spitting - Spyro - Tennis elbow - The Game Of Life - The Legend O' Zelda - The Most Dangerous Game - Twister - World of Warcraft - Yoshi

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