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This optional template is a polite way of warning anyone interested in an article that you intend to nominate it for VFD in the future.

Etiquette for template:

  • Please only post this template on articles that can be nominated for VFD per the Deletion Policy.
  • If you use this template you MUST add the article to your watchlist, and maintain a separate list of all articles which you have placed this template on.
  • Please wait a while between placing this template and making your VFD nom, to allow people time to respond.

Is this template on your article?

If someone has placed this template on one of your articles, don't consider it an insult. They could have nominated the article for VFD without bothering with this template, but are trying to see if anyone is interested in it before they do. If you are, please leave a comment on the talk page.

Please note that is is a courtesy template and its use is completely optional; so merely removing it won't necessary stop the article from being nominated on VFD.

Usage: {{CVFD|YourUserNameHere}}

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