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Mister Alcohol T C

edit What's up

I just recently joined this Wiki (as you probably know) and I'm hoping it will provide some comedic relief from my work on Wikipedia. I've made many anonymous edits before finally coming's no big deal. I'm not yet sure how active I'll be, I guess only time will tell.

edit How I got my nickname, Mister Alcohol

About 10 years ago I was sitting in a local bar with a few friends. The bartender once let us actually take some beer home with us (from the bar counter). The beer, perhaps unsuprisingly, was Miller Lite. Once I was done drinking that night, I placed the beer bottle on my kitchen counter. Then every night I spent drinking afterwards I would stack some bottles on my counter, until eventually, I had a pyramid of Miller Lite bottles. Then, one day when some friends were over, they saw the bottles and they all exclaimed, "Hey, its Mister Alcohol". I thought the name was decent enough, and have used it a few times on the Internet as a result.

edit My interests

  • Drinking
  • Internet
  • Drunken sex
  • Drinking
  • Television
  • YouTube
  • Extreme metal
  • Drinking
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