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Greetings infidels..... I am your lord and master of pasta, MisterBladez636. I had been here before on a different account, but I left because I despised the acts from the past; I wasn't that funny. I created some other account but I forgot it's name because i'm barely on here...... Meh Ghostslime

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about MisterBladez636.


Some Fun Facts

  • I was the user Bloroninblorchspit during my manchild years, and still even when I was level headed..... Closed it for obvious reasons that I had made an idiot of myself, deleted a good lot of bad fucking ideas. Sooooo...... R.I.P 2007-2010 (It took me a while to have the good sense to delete it!)
  • I am Chris Hansen's stalker
  • I am a penguin

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