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“It's Mindnight64, not Midnight64. Learn how to read.”
~ Mindnight64 on his username

Mindnight64 is an Uncyclopedia user's username. No shit, right? More specifically, it is my username. Read on if you want to learn all about me, just don't be jealous if I start to sound like your mother-in-law on steroids.

edit Origins

The name Mindnight64 comes from Mindnight_Sword, the name of an ancient race of video game addicts. Some say that members of that race owned a small dirt hut on an island far away. Others claim that they owned a medium sized dirt hut on an island close by. Still others believe they owned a small dirt island in the middle of nowhere that just happened to have a hut built on it that was too far away from the island's bathroom for anyone to give a crap (no pun intended). Now back to the name.

The name Mindnight64 was invented when a horny Italian on crack combined the name mentioned above, Mindnight_Sword, with the name of Nintendo's greatest failure invention, the Nintendo 64. As when anyone tries combining the name of Nintendo's hated beloved console with any other word, the other word is shortened and the number 64 is added at the end. Since the name Mindnight64 uses part of the name of Nintendo's horrible amazing (Eh, who am I kidding, the 64 sucks) console, Nintendo technically owns 18.1818182% of it.[1]

edit Recent Accomplishments

Mindnight64's recent accomplishments include:

  • Learned how to breathe
  • Wrote this article
  • Made $500 off of selling illegal drugs antique paintings depicting lesbians barfing on each other the crowning of Julius Ceasar
  • Visited Hell
  • Wasted time writing this article
  • Sniped Winnie The Pooh
  • Breast fed a gay chimpanzee
  • Regretted writing this article

edit Footnotes

  1. This percentage was calculated using a Google search. But who trusts Google?
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