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Michael Perry, also known as the user 'MicP' is human. He Is Here On English Wikipedia Strictly To Watch Over & Protect Articles From Vandalism & Other Evils. His Official Hi5 Page Is MIKEY @ Hi5. Please Feel Free To Add ME, I ONLY REJECT THE WEIRD PEOPLE. Please E-mail Me ONLY If It's A Last Resort To Contacting ME!!!

edit Just A Little About ME

Michael Junior Perry was born on 9 April 1992 in Montreal in Quebec, Canada. He is a former member of the Antigua & Barbuda based singing group, The Anointed Singers. He Attended the Foundation Mixed Primary School (elementary level). He then went one to the nation's most respected and notable High school, the Antigua Grammar School. His Vocal Range is From E3 to F6, Not Including Falsetto. He naturally has a span of over 3 octaves. Including the other alternative voices, he posses a Five-octave vocal range.

Thinking of venturing out onto a solo career he then, after the Anointed Singers ended, recorded an self-proclaimed album tittled 'I Need Jesus'. This album contained featured vocalists D. and J. Elmes. Both Elmes were members of the same group 'Mikey', as Perry was affectionately called, founded. The album's copies were not put on shelves for sale but generated much needed publicity when its tracks were aired on the Antigua & Barbuda radio station Crusader Radio by the group's manager.

In early 2007, he was offered a recording contract but, his mother disagreed and is expected to sign imediately when he turns 16 and is out of high school.

He Is the friend of many people.

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