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The Barrett


The Barrett is a vacuum cleaner developed in England by an eccenric Yorkshireman called Mike Heat. Rather than use a conventional method like suction, the Barrett actually licks carpets clean. Housewives up and down Britain now scream in ecstasty after having their carpets licked by the Barrett. The Barrett having now conquered the British market has begun to be sold all over Europe. It is a particular favourite in areas of Sweeden, and also has a cunt cult following in America.


While the vast majority of customers are happy with The Barrett, there have been rumours of problems when using The Barrett. Barbara Windsor of Skipton was the first to notice that after her son, Michael, reportedly used The Barrett repeatedly, large patches of his bedroom carpet became bare.

A copy of the original The Barrett paper based advert can be found by clicking on the following link [1]

A original Barrett flyer

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