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Crap I've Written

UnNews Articles (Most Recent Listed First).

UnNews Articles I've Provided Audio to That Aren't Mine.

Uncyclopedia Articles

Uncyclopedia Entries I've Fiddled With

  • May 6th Anniversaries. - "Friends".
  • Nightwing. I added the image with the caption "Look Ma, I made my very own costume!" I also tweaked the "The Days of Robin" section too.
  • Captain America - Added a picture of Captain America and changed a title heading.
  • Stephen Colbert - Added the Captain Colbert picture.
  • Vince Vaughn - In the Necromancy and the Fall of Vaughn section, I fixed a few spelling errors, added some links and seperated the section into a easier to read paragraphs.
  • Challengers of the Fantastic - Added a picture, added a few links. Nothing major.

Uncyclopedia Articles I'm Working On, so Don't Fucking Touch!

None Currently.

Templates I've Made

Images I've PhotoShopped, am Proud of, and have uploaded here

Categories Made by Me

  • Category:Comic_Book_Geek
  • Category: Thangarian Users
  • Category: Rannian Users

More Userboxes


This User is Rannian. Thanagarian users should get the hell off this users homeworld!

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