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Mich the Weird joined Wikipedia after you, and will probably be banned before you are. She is both a useful contributor and a mischievious nuisance who can -- and will -- write contributions to Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense.

Mich is neither an admin, nor has she ever won a barnstar, but that does not stop her good edits from coming to pages. Silly little Mich has also never helped feature an article, but is at least an active member, even when not logged in.

edit Biography

Not much is known about Mich's actual identity or her history. actually, all that is known about her from here is that Mich is female, is a slight fan of Gareth, enjoys joking about Alex Plank and Duncvis, has Asperger's Syndrome, and is, of course, weird as her name implies.

edit Trivia

  • Mich's favorite joke targets include the pages for Archie Bunker and Duncvis.
  • Mich wuvs and thinks they are the most kawaii things in the world.
  • Mich is very 133t. As a matter of fact, she is far too 133t to be a ha><or.
  • Mich, despite her well-meaning, has fink-rat status at
  • Mich is often criticized by super-ops such as the infamous Silph. Silph considers her a troll, though she is only a bit trollish.
  • Mich is a Mario nut. Her favorite Mario game is Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.
  • Mich is 133t.
  • Mich is s00p3r l33t.
  • Mich is too l33t for this page and should be considered that.
  • Mich has many catchphrases, including, but not limited to, "Mojijiramimiji!", "Bite the wax tadpole!", and, perhaps her most well-known one yet, "dook dook".
  • Mich has seen the fnords.
  • Mich should not have to type out everything about her on here, forthat would waste too much of her time. She does actually have a life, you know.

edit See also

  • User:MichTheWeird
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