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Wordsworth composed the poem Dawn for an unknown female during the summer of 1835, whilst recovering from a bout of leprosy.

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As with many of Wordsworth's earlier work, many are struck by the simple elegance of the lines, which mirrors much of his latter work. Through Dawn, Wordsworth is able to convey much of the sentimentality of the Romantic Age. This same period saw such emotive pieces as John Keats' Fisher Price, as well as Percy Bysshe Shelley's epic Ozymandias.

edit Critical Analysis

A number of scholars point to the uncompromising idealism within the piece, where the conventions of the English language are completely discarded, creating a raw, rough but passionate flow to the sentance structure.

Lord Byron described the poem as "the high point of English poetry for the month of March 1836" in his montly column within Which Poetry.

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