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edit --Mezer--

He's a guy who does things. He's not very good at things, but he does them anyway. He's been here before and He'll do it again. Or in lament terms, He a pimp.

edit --Pimping abilities--

Magical backhand- Lvl 1: Charges hand with pimpin' goodness, and fires.

Whore to arms-lvl 3: Summons a "lovely lass" to the battle

edit --editing abilites--

Grammer supremecy- lvl 2: For half an hour after casting, All grammer casted by Mezerian will be of 10% greater value.

Figures- lvl 0.5(passive): Mezer gets a 10% bonus on doing anything that requires absent previous knowledge.

Deny- Lvl 1: Deny facts shamelessy for a one-in-five chance to make those facts funny.

power edit- lvl 2: anything written for an article only calls for half the regular required effort.

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