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¡¡¡Arriba el MEXICANADIAN announcing the Downfall of the United States!!!
Mexicanadian Flag
Mexicanadian Policeman

Mounty Python Migra Commando
The S(o fucking) W(h)AT

edit Downfall of the United States

North America without USA

Whooooops!!! Where Я West-Washin and Ost-Washin?

Canadian-Administered US Territories

Canadian-Administered US Territories War Flag

Mexican-Administered US Territories

Mexican-Administered US Territories War Flag

The WashinWall

The WashingWall separing Canadian and Mexican sectors in Washington, Defunct Capital. The "Checkpoint Charles / Checkpoint Carlos" at the White Custom House is highlighted. Malia and Sasha Obama are custom officers.

Mr. XY: <<Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!>>
Gorby: <<WTF! This is Moscow, not Monterrey!>>
Mr. XY: <<Whoops! ... Sorry... Señor Gobernador, tear down this wall!>>
"EL" president: <<It's siesta time, call me later moron!>>
Mr. XY: <<Argh! ... Monsieur Le Predient, tear down this wall!>>
"LE" president: <<Ok, I'll send u ice hockey sticks>>
Mr. XY: <<Thanx. Bye!>>

The Mexicanada is comin' ;-D

The downfall started in 2024. Thus r the flagz of Candian and Mexican administered U.S. territories. Amwwwwicanz disappeared as Germany after WW3. ASD!

edit Results

edit Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes! Turn and face the strain...

edit The States/Los Estados/Les États

MexiCanadian US Subdivision

  • Canada tastes a bit of warm beaches in Santa Monica
  • Mexico tastes a bit of freeza snow in Aspen

edit Rename da cities

edit Media

Silly movies
  • Downfall - Bush IIIrd last days
  • Wings of Desire - The Sky Over Washington
  • Good Bye Mounty!
  • Mira la Migra!
TV series and other crap (Mexicanadian co-productions)
  • Northern Yukon Shore / Sonora Desert Shore
  • Le Sex Et La Ville (set in Montreal) / El Sexo Y La Ciudad (set in Monterrey)
  • CSI Edmonton / CSI Guadalajara
  • Pimp My Sled / Pimp My Sombrero
  • The 4400 (remastered, this time REALLY in Vancouver)
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