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edit Information as a Mafioso

Branch: Russian
Nickname: Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
Age: 29 (Born August 3rd, 1981 in a poor neighborhood in the Soviet Union)
Rank: The Big Boss (Большой Босс/Boĺšoj Boss)
Former Ranks: Wiseguy(Original Mafia), Sgarrista(New ranks), Capo Bastone Delegato

edit Privileges as a Mafioso (гiфнт oпе)

- Hex RT Meth
Full Mafioso Control
Capo Bastone?
Capo Bastone Delegato?
Overrule The Don?
Question The Don?
Integrate New Mafia Pages
Punish Mafioso
Reward Mafioso
Accept And Enrol New Mafia SPECIFICALLY RT
Accept New Mafia Ideas
Official Mafia Maintenance
Mafia Rewording
Donation Control
Mafia Bank Account Control SPECIFICALLY METH
Vandal Hitman
Suggest For Promotion
Suggest For Demotion BE CAREFUL BE CAREFUL
Mysteriously Rob A Charity Or Bank For $$$
Help Look After The Don
Enforce The Don And The CB's Word
Further The Mafia's Causes
Generally Do Good Mafioso Deeds
Manage the CB's Time
Manage the CB's Office SPECIFICALLY RT
Emergency CB Replacement?
Can Overrule the Heads Of The Mafia Branches?
Can Set Mafia Policy
Can Create Mafia Codes of Conduct
Immediate Deputy To The Don?
Responsible For All New Mafia Recruitments?
Responsible For Helping New Mafioso (directing to the bar etc.)
Permission To Act Exactly As They See Fit? What? No! What? No!

That means I:

  • Am a Capo Bastone Delegato ("a-Deputy for di most powerful member-a of questo mafia") along-a with Grieve
  • Can make new mafia pages (that are important, of course-a)
  • Can accept and enroll new Mafioso(*Grieve)
  • Help maintain the mafia
  • Can recode mafia pages to look better
  • Control Donation with Digits
  • Control Bank Accounts(*Myself)
  • Kill vandalism and have someone murder the perpetrator of the unspeakable act on Mafia property
  • Suggest Promoting
  • Suggest Demoting (!!!)
  • Look after Snowmobile
  • Enforce the words of Snowmobile and Digits (please, don't contradict each other, it hurts my head)
  • Further the mafia's causes
  • Do good Mafia deeds; and
  • Manage Digits' office(*Grieve)

*Mafia Nickname -- Which person is the most important for that task

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