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- Наем Capo Руко Consig Босс Boss Б.Босс Don Laba God CBD CB
Capo Bastone?
Capo Bastone Delegato?
Integrate New Mafia Pages
Punish Mafioso
Reward Mafioso
Accept And Enrol New Mafia
Accept New Mafia Ideas
Official Mafia Maintenance
Mafia Rewording
Donation Control
Mafia Bank Account Control
Vandal Hitman
Suggest For Promotion
Suggest For Demotion
Mysteriously Rob A Charity Or Bank For $$$
Help Look After The Don
Emergency CB Replacement?
Can Set Mafia Policy
Can Create Mafia Codes of Conduct
Immediate Deputy To The Don?
Responsible For All New Mafia Recruitments?
Permission To Act Without Orders, Within Reason
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