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So, to celebrate my 2 years here, I'll be brief. Woop-Dee-Doo.

I'm a person who hangs out on talkpages and forums and sucks at articles.

My first edit(As DJ Jasper):

  • 12:14, 9 July 2007 (hist) (diff) User:DotJasperDotNot ‎ (←Created page with '{{Lang|17|G}} {{Lang|en|N}} {{Lang|es|3}}')

First three edits still alive even today (To an article, not a game or the UN:DOF page):

1 hour 15 minutes later...

11 months 0 days 5 hours 36 minutes later (Holy shit)...

edit Past signatures

edit As DotJasperDotNot

JULY 9, 2007-AUGUST 22, 2008

edit As Methamphetamine (minus and plus !)

edit Methamphetamine

AUGUST 22, 2008-NOVEMBER 8, 2008

edit Methamphetamine!

NOVEMBER 8, 2008-AUGUST 19, 2009

edit Random people I would like to thank

edit User:Methamphetamine

I've been a member of Uncyclopedia for over 5 years, as evidenced by the userbox below. I'm returning now, and I want to do something funny before I leave, if I even do leave. The question is, what'll it be? Here are the articles I wrote in the meantime. There's only one now, so that previous sentence shouldn't be plural.

Also I'm known as breakingbad on IRC. Watch as I say nothing for a days at a time.

Clock This user has been on Uncyclopedia for
8 years, 7 months and 2 days.

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